Introducing: The Self-Care Love Affair


​Purchase this course if:

  • You want to learn how to outsmart the fear and resistance (aka Clever Brain) that gets in the way of you taking excellent care of yourself.
  • You think self-care is selfish or just not something you have time or energy to do—but you wish you did.
  • You take amazing care of all the people around you, yet find it tough to be loving and generous with yourself.
  • You like experimenting and are curious to find what's right for you.

Do not purchase if:

  • You have mastered self-care and have zero challenges being loving and kind to yourself on a daily basis.
  • You already feel deeply in love with yourself and show it through your day-to-day actions.
  • You'd rather just follow along on Instagram and Pinterest; you don't have any resistance or fear that gets in the way of actually doing the daily experiments, nor do you want to use the special edition progress map.


Visualize your 100-day love affair with a numbered progress map only available in this course.

Heart-shaped artwork made up of 100 swirls; the visual represents 100 small acts of self-care; this map is a special edition Creative Progress Map from Map Your Progress which features swirls that are numbered 1 through 100 to make it easier to track progress within the 100-day Self-Care Love Affair

Each swirl represents a day of the Self-Care Love Affair and is numbered, making it easy to see which day you're on and which swirl to color in next. The numbers are subtle enough that when you color them in, you won't see them (case in point: the image above).

Coloring in a swirl each day is not only surprisingly satisfying, but also celebrates the choice you made from love. Having your heart map in a place you see every day reminds you of your love affair and can motivate you to make time for yourself each day.

Let me teach you how to love yourself more

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Y'all. My name is Amy. I am a grown-ass woman who took a long-ass time to really, REALLY love myself. 

Learning how to love myself more has changed everything. No joke. It's the foundation that allows me to be great for others, create an inspiring business [Map Your Progress], and contribute to the world in a meaningful way. My relationship with myself is the basis for everything good in my life. And self-care is what makes that all possible.

So I want you to have the chance to learn what I have, in a shorter period of time, with greater ease, and more fun. Plus, coloring! 

Start by learning to love yourself more. Your willingness to experiment is enough. I'll teach you everything I know about self-care and you'll get to experiment for 100 days, in 100 different ways, to find what's right for you.

10 Things Your Clever Brain* will say to keep you from having this love affair

01: You should already know how to take great care of yourself.

You've read articles. You've heard some people talk about how important self-care is. You watched some videos on Facebook. You know enough already.

02: This is too much.

It's too many days, will take too much time, is too much effort, too much money, too much to keep track of, too cheesy, too airey-fairey new-age bullshitty. 

03: This all sounds fancy. Ugh.

Come on. Do we really need to have a cutesy "love affair" with OURSELVES? For 100 days, no less. Plus, technology. This will be complicated. Not easy enough.

04: You need to ask _______ first.

You need to talk to your partner. You can't make this decision on your own. You've got to ask. If they think it's OK, then maybe. But you need permission.

05: You don't deserve this.

You already have done something for yourself recently. You can't afford to spend time, money, and energy just on yourself. This isn't important. 

06: Compare yourself to _______.

Just look at _____; she wouldn't need 100 days to learn how to love herself more. Or ______; you don't put yourself first like she does. _______ would do this better.

07: You've tried self-care before.

It doesn't work. You've tried a bunch of different things. But they didn't work. Might for other people, but not you. It's not going to be any different this time.

08: You've got to earn an affair.

Work harder. Get ______ done before you give yourself anything like this. This is non-essential. It's a reward. You haven't earned it yet. Try harder.

09: This will take away from _____.

You can't add another thing to your life. You've already committed to so much and this will just take time away from ______ and people who count on you. Bad idea.

10: This is selfish. [judgey glare]

Why is it always all about you? Can you only think of yourself. Do you want people to think you're full of yourself? Get over yourself. Consider someone else.

*Your Clever Brain—the part of your brain that runs on fear and tries to save you from perceived threats—hates change of any kind, for any reason, period. It will say whatever it thinks will stop you from doing anything in your life differently. It's very, very clever and not above sounding like an asshole to stop you in your tracks. Yet when you can hear it for what it is, you're free to choose love over fear.
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What would your life be like if you gave yourself the love and attention you give to the people you love the most?

Your Self-Care Love Affair

  • Get an email every day with a new self-care experiment and encouragements for the day 
  • Receive a special edition numbered 100-Swirl Heart download to remind and motivate you—color in a swirl each day you choose to love yourself more through self-care.
  • Access all kinds of resources to help you outsmart your Clever Brain and learn new ways of *actually* taking excellent care of yourself


100 days, 100 ways, for $100 USD
Excellent quesiton. Transforming the way your treat yourself through self-care is a process and a practice; it's more than going through the motions. It's learning how to recognize your Clever Brain and choose love over fear. I can teach you so much more through this course; what you see posted on the social channels is the tip of iceberg. This course is for those who want a much deeper, richer experience that will have a lasting impact.